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Dissemination plan – We develop a dissemination or outreach plan containing a communication strategy and a set of measures planned for disseminating project results and describing how to engage with the public audience.

Publication guidelines – We provide publication guidelines to coordinate and streamline partners’ publication activities. We guide how to comply with the Open Access requirements of funding agencies; we keep track of your publications, write reports on your publication activities and promote them on the project website and other online platforms.


Events (exhibitions, demo days, cluster events, guided visits) – We coordinate and arrange project-specific final events and international events open to external participants jointly with the local host.

End-user events – We foster the integration of potential end-users by organizing meetings, demonstrations, and innovation workshops.


Other dissemination instruments – We support other suitable dissemination instruments and support partners at disseminating results through publications, media releases, policy briefs, roadmaps, training and workshops, demonstrations, online repositories, and other means.

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