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At TeraGlobus, we believe that the success of any project lies not only in its innovation and execution but also in how effectively its outcomes are shared with the world.


Our comprehensive dissemination services are designed to help you craft and execute a strategic plan to reach your target audience, engage stakeholders, and maximize the impact of your project.

Events are powerful tools for disseminating information and fostering engagement. Whether it's exhibitions, demo days, cluster events, or guided visits, we specialize in organizing and promoting events that showcase your project's achievements and facilitate networking opportunities.

Events: A Platform for Engagement

Our team can coordinate exhibitions that display your project's tangible results and innovations to a broad audience.


Showcase your project's prototypes, technologies, and solutions to potential partners, investors, and stakeholders through captivating demo days.

Demo Days

We facilitate collaboration by organizing events that bring together clusters of related projects, encouraging knowledge exchange and synergy.

Cluster Events

Provide stakeholders an immersive experience by organizing guided visits to project sites or facilities.

Guided Visits

Connecting directly with end-users is crucial for successfully adopting your project's solutions. Our end-user events are designed to showcase the practical benefits and applications of your innovations, garnering support and interest from the end-users who matter most.

End-User Events

Navigating the world of publications can be challenging. Our team of experts provides publication guidelines to ensure that your project's research findings, reports, and documents meet industry standards and best practices. We help you communicate your work with clarity and professionalism.

Publication Guidelines

A well-crafted dissemination plan is essential for reaching your project's objectives. We work closely with you to develop a tailored dissemination plan that outlines strategies, channels, and milestones to ensure your project's outcomes reach the right audience at the right time.

Dissemination Plan

In addition to our core services, we offer a range of other dissemination instruments to amplify your project's impact. From press releases and newsletters to online campaigns and multimedia presentations, we have the tools and expertise to communicate your project's achievements effectively.

Other Dissemination Instruments


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